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Idea Of winning life

By naughtyshashank03 Mar 03, 2014 588 Words
My Idea of Winning Life
Shashank Upadhyay.

Born, Play, Learn, Struggle, Enjoy, Earn, Retire and dies….and born again. This is the common life cycle of billions & trillions humans on this earth. But out of these Billions & Trillions, there are some persons who actually taste the success in their life and are thus know as “Outliers”

A Great quote by Peblo Picasso, the famous artist and one of those outliers:- “My mother used to tell me that if you are soldier, you’ll become general. If you are monk, you’ll become Pope. I am a painter and became Picasso” What is meant by winning life? What is success? Why to get it & how to get it? These are not just Questions. Once you decode it correctly, you will get your own idea of winning your life.

According to me, trust in your self is one of the most important criteria for success. You can make fool to The entire world the you can’t lie to yourself. If you make any commitment to yourself, you should complete it with all your efforts and full determination. To achieve something, knowledge in not the only thing you should possess. Along with that there should be strong will to achieve. You may find lots of distraction in the path of success. You may encounter with extreme problems in your life. You may also fail at point of time. But till the time success is not achieved, it is not the end. Big dreams are never easy to achieve, or else everyone could be these high-flier.

Labor, another requirement of “winning-life-process”, is what a person should possess. A true leader is always loaded with such super quality. Knowledge & Imagination without adequate labor is waste. Rather, it can destroy anyone. It takes years and years of labor to write success story. We all know about Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Founder of Reliance Industries, one of the most affective parts of Indian corporate world. But he didn’t have success all over one night. Starting with the salary of Rs. 300 it took almost 30 years of hard work & Labor to become a millionaire. He was not so educated. He didn’t have any ancestral property. All he had was a big imagination and a strong determination and as a result, today his success story is being told all over. Never think to stop. Think always to be more developed and to grow. Sky is the limit, always desire to fulfill your dream.

Acharya Chanakya, the great Indian economist, used to say
“Before you start some work, always ask three questions:-
Why I am doing it? What the results might be? & will I be successful? Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead.”

Planning plays very important role in everyone’s life. It provides a direction to a path. To get almost cent percent results of any work, everything should be planned. Also proper execution according to the plan should be done. There is a saying, “Plan your work & work your Plan. Success is yours.”

Meaning of success is different for different persons. Most people think you get success when you achieve what you want. And this “want” differs from person to person. Personally, we should never think that we have achieved what we desire because once this thinking enters your mind, you may stop to grow.

At last, I would like to conclude
“The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dream is you!!”

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