Idea of Big History

Topics: Time, Universe, History of the world Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: September 3, 2012
I believe that the idea of big history is crucial to teaching the subject of history and should be mandatory, as it is extremely valuable to education and a greater understanding of history overall. Big history consists of a time scale that is fitting for the branch of learning and does not limit the analysis of history to just world history. From studying big history and expanding the time scale, global relationships are much more visible. With a larger time scale the history that should be studied is more evident as oppose to solely how our planet formed along with humans.

First and foremost we should study big history because it will help to understand the past and make connections to the present, and answer in depth questions accurately. Big history would be very helpful to allow us to relate to people of the past and within that answer larger questions. Professor David Christian states, “If world history allows us to see the history of specific societies on a global context, history on even larger time scales allows us to consider the history of humanity as a whole in its context.” By studying big history, we are broadening our views on history, and instead of studying humanity alone, we can discover how humanity fits in the relationship with world and the universe. Christian supports this by stating “In this way, big history encourages us to ask questions about our place in the universe.” Relating back to the first quote, this means we limit our studies in history to world history, and therefore it is impossible to answer questions on this larger scale without considering big history.

Secondly, the study of big history helps to view patterns in the past. When you only consider short periods of time, these trends and patters cannot be seen. These patterns will enable us to predict about the future based on studies of the past. Christian says that allowing for the extended term “makes it possible to discuss the future in ways that are not possible...
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