Idaho Congressional District

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Idaho Congressional DistrictToday Idaho is one of the most republican states in the United States. Since 1968, 11 of the 14 House of Representatives have been republican. Also, since 1968, there has been only one senator that was not republican. Since 1968, Idaho has been consistent with voting for a republican president. Before 1968 Idaho had a strong democratic presence. The state of Idaho has two congressional districts, the 1st congressional district and the 2nd congressional district. I currently reside in the 1st congressional district which takes up the western part of the state and the panhandle. Idaho was granted statehood in 1890. At that time Idaho had only one seat in congress. It was not until the 1910 census that Idaho gained its second seat in congress. Even though Idaho had two seats in 1910, Idaho did not have two congressional districts until 1918. At that time Idaho was divided into the 1st congressional district and the 2nd congressional districts. Due to the growing population of Boise, the boundary line for the districts had to change a couple times since 1918. Idahoans have been voting for republicans since 1968, but before 1968 the voting fluctuated between republican and democrat. The following represents Idaho’s voting history. 1896-1904-Democrat

Idaho’s 1st congressional district is represented by Raul Labrador. Raul is from Las Vegas, NV. He graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1985. After high school Raul attended Brigham Young University in Utah. In 1987 Raul went on a mission to Chile for the LDS Church. After he returned from his mission in Chile, he continued his education in Utah where he met his wife. Raul was married in 1991. Raul earned his law degree from the University of Washington, School of Law in Seattle, Washington, in 1995. After earning his law degree, Raul and...

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