id the homestead Act

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Nebraska, United States Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 26, 2013
2. ID the Homestead Act.
A.) The government and the white men settlers that were moving west was involved in the homestead act.
B.) The outcome of the Homestead Act was that the government legislation increased the size of the tracts available. With their property rights assured, more settlers moved to the plains. It was very difficult there.

C.) The Homestead Act occurred in 1862.
D.) The Homestead Act took place in the Great Plains.

3. Id the Battle of Wounded Knee.
A.) The American Indians and the United States troops were involved in the Battle of Wounded Knee.
B.) General Custer’s old regiment put together the Sioux and took them to Wounded Knee after sitting bull had died. The soldiers made the Native Americans give up their weapons and when one couldn’t find its weapon it had went off and shot out and they thought they were trying to arm so they fought and shot back at the Native Americans. The Battle of Wounded Knee ended the Indian wars.

C.) The Battle of Wounded Knee occurred December 29, 1890.
D.) The Battle of Wounded Knee took place near Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota.

5. What were the actions of the “white men” related to buffalo?
The buffalo were killed for profit such as clothing, housing, food, & hygienic needs. How did they impact the Western Plains farmers?
The white men no longer had their main resource. Like, for food, for their house or tepees, shoes & clothing, hairbrushes, soap, etc.

6. ID the Populist Party.
A.) There were many women and farmers involved in the Populist Party. Also, mainly people in the Midwest and some in the South. B.) The peoples party was a political party specialized to help farmers. C.) The Populist Party started in 1890.
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