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Topics: Identity document, Proximity card, Common Access Card Pages: 7 (2041 words) Published: January 10, 2011
afety and Security Designed Especially for Learning Institutions PlastiCard understands the unique and various safety and security issues facing learning institutions from grade school through college.  Our Academia Keeper ID software systems are completely scaleable to your institution from single entrance to multiple buildings, and grow as your needs change.  With Academia Keeper, you'll quckly and easily design, issue and track ID cards for students, employees, contractors, and visitors and choose your level of security from simple photo capture up to signature and fingerprint capture.   Academia Keeper's features include: 

Student and employee positive identification and tracking| Visitor positive identification and tracking| On-Demand Reports| Identification Cards|
Appointment Book| Security|
Customize| Gatekeeper Access|
Photo Capture| Signature Capture|
Card Printer| Identification Card Reader|
Fingerprint Scanners| Software|
Hardware| |
Student and employee positive identification and tracking - Students and employees are enrolled by entering name, phone, department, Id number, photo and optional fingerprint into database. The students and employees pass their identification card through a reader at the entrance when they enter or depart. Their photo, fingerprint authorization and other related data pops up on the monitor positively identifying the student or employee. Date/time and gate number are recorded into the database when the identification card is passed through the card reader.

Visitor positive identification and tracking - The gate attendant enters the visitor's name phone number, destination, and takes photo, optional fingerprint. The visitor signs the electronic signature pad. A badge or label is printed out with visitor's name, photo, destination and badge number. The visitor can now pass their badge or fingerprint through a reader when entering and departing. The visitor's photo pops up on the monitor positively identifying the visitor. The date/time and gate number is recorded into the database when the identification card is passed through the card reader. Pre-authorized visits can be recorded into the Appointment book from the authorization person's office. This has the added benefit of faster sign-in with minimum data entry. On-Demand Reports - Reports and instant information can be viewed or printed in various flavors. The employee and visitor logged data can be sorted by name, date, time period etc. Complete visitor records including the persons who requested and authorized the visit, arrival/departure dates and times and the gateways used can be assembled and reported.

Identification Cards - You can design your own cards with easy-to-use drag and drop methodology. You can print full color standard plastic card, smart card, proximity and weigand cards. Standard cards can be bar coded or magnetically encoded. Biometric fingerprint identification can be loaded into smart cards to verify scanned fingerprints signature and photographs are printed on the Identification card. Appointment Book - Pre-authorized visitors are recorded in the appointment book. The record includes, persons whom requested and authorized visit, visitor's name, phone number, company represented, company address, telephone number and visitors classification.

Security - The database is password protected. The system is divided into multi-level and access is password controlled. Optionally, if fingerprint scanner or Smart Card is used, access may be further restricted by the use of fingerprint or Smart Card providing physical security. Customize - Academia KeeperTM can be scaled to fit the smallest institution with a single entry point to the largest of institutions with multiple facilities and multi gateways. Gatekeeper Access - The appointment book and visitor and employee logs can be viewed from remote PCs as well as from the gate attendants PC. This allows authorized employees to...
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