Id Rather Be a Senator Than a Member of the House of Representatives

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'Id rather be a senator than a member of the house of representatives'

Both houses need each other in order to function as they are both part of the legislative branch of government however there are many arguments to suggest that senate is more prestigious that the house of representatives.

American citizens see a lot more pride in their senator as they represent the entire state not just a small region within it. For example Representative Joe Baca represents a single congressional region in California whereas Jerry Brown represents the entire state. The senator has a greater reputation for representing the views of the state over what the party tells them or their own personal views which make the individuals within the state feel as though they are able to trust their senator. A typical American would know their own senator and a number of others that had perhaps run for president or have had a high profile in the media but they would know little about members of the house and would probably only know their own representative. Senators are also one of only 100 whereas there are 435 seats in the House of Representatives and so the senator’s ideas and opinions are more likely to be heard. Members of the house only serve 2 year terms whereas terms are 6 years in the senate and so they are more likely to make a difference or even gain higher positions of leadership within their party. For example in 2003 republican senator for the state of Tennessee became the leader of the majority after 8 years sitting in the senate, representatives can still gain levels of leadership however, they just take much longer for example Nancy Pelosi also became house minority leader in 2003 but she had been in the house since 1987.

The House of Representatives has 3 main exclusive powers that could be seen as more important than the senate such as the power to initiate money bills, this is because at the beginning of America history the founding rather believed that as it...
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