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ICT Reviewer

Difference Engine- It is called the first computer
Root kit Virus- A kind of virus that is undetectable and gains control of the system. Transistors- Second generations of computer were powered by them. Web camera- A component of the computer that is used to take pictures and video chat with other users. File Extensions- A suffix connected with a file that denotes the type of file. Macro Virus- A type of virus that infects documents such as MS Word and Excel. Monitor-A.K.A. display screen that shows the graphical interface through resolutions. Laptop- It is a portable, usually battery-powered microcomputer small enough to rest on the user’s lap. Anti Virus- It is a protective software designed to defend your computer against Malware Hardware- A comprehensive term for all of the physical parts of the computer. Laser Printer- A type of printer that uses the same quality as copy Machines having very high quality text and graphics. Resolution- It indicates how densely packed pixels are.

Charles Babbage- He discovered the computer.

EDVAC- Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
ENIAC- Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
UNIVAC- UNIVersal Automatic Computer
COBOL- COmmon Business Oriented Language
IBM- International Business Machine
UPS- Uninterruptable Power Supply
AVR- Automatic Voltage Regulator
PDA- Personal Digital Assistant

Main Parts of the Computer
1. Monitor
2. Keyboard
3. Mouse
4. CPU- Central Processing Unit
5. Printer

Peripheral and Auxiliary Components of the Computer
1. Speakers or Audio Components
2. Web camera
3. External CD-Rom
4. USB and External Hard Drive
5. Router
6. AVR
7. UPS

Types of Viruses
1. Malware (Malicious Software) – includes computer viruses and malicious functions 2. Trojan Horse – Appears harmless but hides malicious functions. 3. Worms – A kind of virus that makes & facilitates the distribution of copies of itself. 4. Root Kit – Undetectable virus which attempts to allow someone to gain control of a computer system. They are normally disguised as OS files. 5. Polymorphic – not only replicates itself by creating files of itself but it changes its signature every time it replicates. 6. Macro Virus – Uses another application’s macro programming language to distribute itself. 7. Boot sector – attaches itself to the first part of the hard disk that is read by the computer upon bootup. 8. Memory Resident – resides in a computer volatile memory (RAM). 9. Time Bombs / Logic Bombs – Programmed to initiate at a specific date or when an event occurs.

Advantages of Computer
Entertainment- we can watch movies, listen to music, take pictures, play games and etc. E- Learning- Trivia, tutorials, and educational questions can be accessed from the internet. Communication- with the aid of the internet and its auxiliary can bridge the gap between two distant people / families Paper Works-Typing, encoding and printing.

Presentation- Can make Power point Presentaions and Educative and Attractive Presentations. Social Networking- Easy to make friends
E- Shopping- Via internet in which valuable items or second hand items can be sold online Storage- Huge storage device for important files and documents.

Disadvantages of Computer
* Addiction
* Exposure to Cyber Bullying -
* Vision Effect

Uses of Super Computer
* Space Exploration
* Earthquake studies
* Weather forecasting
* Nuclear Weapon Testing

Generations Of Computers
First Generation (1940 – 1956) Vacuum Tubes – Used for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory. Often enormous taking up entire rooms, very expensive and use a great deal of electricity and generate heat. Second Generation (1956 – 1963) Transistors – Replaced vacuum tubes and was far superior to the vacuum tube. Allowing computers to become smaller, cheaper, more energy-efficient and more reliable. Third...
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