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Topics: Computer, Personal computer, Analog computer Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: August 27, 2013
* Is the purposeful application of information in the degree of production and utilization of good and services in the organization of human activities. Five Categories
1. Tangible – blue prints, prototypes, and operating manual 2. Intangible – problem solving and training methods
3. High – powerful force
4. Intermediate – medium level of force
5. Low – labor or weaker force
Five Common Uses of Technologies in the Classroom
1. Social media and websites
2. Ipad and laptops
3. Teachers are using SMARTBOARDS and clickers
4. Computer based standardized test to predict the performance of the student in one year 5. Computer reading are monitored via computer based reading programs TIM BERNERS LEE
* Invented the world wide web in 1989 (4th generation computer) HISTORY OF COMPUTER
Early Ideas
1. Abacus – the oldest calculating machine develop by Chinese as early 2600 BC 2. Slide Rule – 17th century helps to produces multiplication an divisions result instantly 3. Adding Machine – Blaise Pascal

* 1623-1662
* Machine that can be add and subtract easily
4. Leibniz Machine - developed by Godfried Leibniz in 1671 * machine that could multiply and divide as well as add and subtracted 5. Difference Engine – Charles Babbage in 1821, use in mathematical tables 6. Analytical Engine – a general purpose computer concerned by Charles Babbage Early Computers

* Punched Cards
* Joseph Marie Jackquard
* Use to roll punched card to feed instruction to textile loom to weave designs * Hollerith Cards
* Herman Hollerith
* Use to sort out the return from the census by using punched cards to read, count and sort the yes and the no * Mark
* Electro-mechanical computer build by a team of scientist Harvard university led by Howard Aiken * ENIAC
* Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
* The first general purpose electronic computer led by John M. Manuehly...
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