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Task 3 Questions

Answer the following questions in your own words in the space provided.


Fred, the Stage Manager, is left-handed and finds it difficult to use the mouse.

Explain how he can change his mouse so that the “click” buttons are swapped around. (2 marks)

Open the control panel click on or search (then click on) “mouse”. You then thick the box that says “left handed”.


You installed a program from the internet and it is causing problems with the ticket booking software that you use. You need to get rid of the program.

Explain how you would do this.
(2 marks)

Open the control panel, click on programs then click on “uninstall a program”, find the program causing you a problem, right click on it and click “uninstall”.


The anti-virus software on the theatre computers is over 3 years old. Anne doesn’t want to buy new software and wonders if not accessing the internet will stop viruses.

Give one reason for updating the software
(1 mark)

Identify one way, other than accessing the internet, that viruses can infect computers. (1 mark)

It’s not just the internet that can give you a virus so it’s important to have up to date software to keep your computer and the details on it safe.

You can get viruses though opening certain emails.


You are using a social networking site during your lunch time. You get a post from someone who claims to be an old friend who went to school with you. This person asks you to reply back with your full name, date of birth and place of birth so that they can be sure it is you.

Give two reasons why this might be dangerous?
(2 marks)

They may be trying to access and hack into your social network account.

They may be trying to steal your details so they can get into your bank accounts.

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