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Attributes and Barriers

Principles of Effective Communication

P3 & M1

Unit 1 Communication and Employability skills

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I am working for a company called ICTIB and they have asked to do some research. In my report, I will be clarifying thoughtfully why the attributes are valued and also the principles of effective communication. I will be considering the following points to clarify this particular idea:

Specific Attributes (job related, good working procedures, security and work attitudes). General Attributes (planning skills, organisational skills, time management, team working, verbal skills, written communication skills, numeracy and creativity). Attitudes (a person’s preferred attitude towards their work, for example: determined, independent, and motivated). General communication skills: (cultural differences; adapting e.g. modulating voice, terminology, format, accuracy, engaging audience changing intonation… Interpersonal skills (verbal exchanged, signing, lip reading). Communicate in writing (‘smileys’ or emoticons, proofreading).

Notably, the reasons why I will be explaining how employers’ value attributes are because it can differ according to what different employers are regarding for a specific job. For example, a car salesman wouldn’t need the same attributes as a nurse as they prefer to work in different surroundings. Also, I think the reason why employers would value an employee’s attributes is similarly because of their own personal potentials as their skills will assuredly benefit the organisation and service. As mentioned above, an essential example of an appreciated attribute would be a team player as they would aim to work in an appropriate environment and work for the team. I will be giving four or five examples of job-related attributes, for example: nurses. This will help be to understand the specific skills and procedures needed of particular jobs. To begin with, the general attribute skills valued by employer are; organisational skills this is important as it shows the employer that you are efficient, time management which shows the employer that you are motivated, communicational skills which all employees should have as it contributes to everyday life.

All employers suppose their employees to have a good knowledge of health and safety because if you cannot follow the rules of health and safety then you will put other in danger. Specific attributes are different to general attribute as they fall into two groups’ job related and knowledge of good working procedures, these will be the main and basic skills which the employers expects the employees to follow.

P2 is all about principles of effective communication, the principles of effective communication depends on the type of communication that a person is using, there are some that apply in general, some that relate only to interpersonal communication. For this section, I will be looking that general communication skills, interpersonal skills and communication in writing. (Communication and Employability skills for IT)

Meanwhile, P3 and M1 are both linked with P2 as it explains the barriers of communication. I will be talking about different barriers to communication from general communication skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills. Once I have explained about the barriers, I will then developing this idea into another level and explain how it employees can overcome this situations by using many techniques. Specific Attributes

There are various reasons why employers value specific attributes, this is mainly because specific attributes contributes to job related skills, working procedures, security and work attitudes (Bernadette, 2012). Specific attributes fall into two different groups and are opposed to general attributes. The two main groups are:

The job-related...

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