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Topics: Cost, Indian reservation, Cost-benefit analysis Pages: 4 (939 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Task 3
Booking and reservation

A receipt is generated for each guest on all purchases which is used by the duty receptionist to enter details of guest records. On checkout, the receptionist reproduces this information as an invoice which the guest then pays. The signed invoices are then passed to the accountant. Description of the problem

* Using manual system
Every time the guest makes a booking whether it is via telephone, fax or letter, the staff should write down all the records in the reservation books, the problem is that it will take so much time for the staff to write every single records, and using papers is not a good idea to keep such important record since papers are easily torn and loose, lastly it will take more space and its expensive to keep on buying books and cabinets.

* Network unavailable in the hotel
Take a break Hotel is still using the stand alone computer as there are no network been installed therefore information regarding the guest including receipt and invoice are print it and then transfer it manually to other department; this can delay the information being transmitted, it will be more tiring for the staff, and also more expensive as the company should buy more paper and ink for the printer.

Task 4
Task 4 (P5): Produce a requirements specification for a business process (M2): Suggest alternative solutions
(D1): Analyse cost and benefits.
Take a Break Hotel Improvement on the Reservation System

As I have reference in the structured analysis, Take a Break Hotel currently still using the old access system which is already out dated therefore, they would like to improve the system in to computerize.

The Take a Break Hotel
The hotel needs software like access to make their entries to keep track of their costumers and make sure that the date is not to get mix. The software might also needed to make reservations and to insure the quality of their work

The hotel...
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