Ict in Education

Topics: Disability, Special education, Education Pages: 88 (31793 words) Published: February 19, 2013

Module 4: Using ICTs to promote education and job training for persons with disabilities http://www.connectaschool.org/itu-html/15
Table of Contents
1. ICT use for education and job training for persons with disabilities 2.1 What are accessible ICTs
2.2.1 Examples of accessible ICTs
2.2 Toward a definition of accessible ICTs
2.3.2 The benefits of accessible ICTs in connected schools 2.3 The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) 2.4.3 Dispositions on ICT accessibility

2.4.4 Education
2.4.5 Employment
2.4.6 Implications for other policy areas
2.4.7 Summary of accessible ICT obligations
1.4 Summary of other international laws and initiatives in support of accessible ICTs in inclusive education               1.4.1 World Summit on the Information Society               1.4.2 The International Telecommunication Union               1.4.3 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)                    1.4.4 UNICEF -1989 United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child                   1.4.5 The Millennium Development Goals                1.4.6 Conclusions

    2 The Current situation, challenges and opportunities             2.1 Statistics on children with disabilities receiving education             2.2 Associated levels of literacy and poverty             2.3 Reasons for exclusion             2.4 The costs of inclusive education             2.5 Numbers of people with disabilities world wide             2.6 Implications of a global aging population       3 Assistive technology by disability type: understanding users' needs             3.1 Persons with physical disabilities and motor impairments                   3.1.1 Assistive technologies for physical disabilities and motor impairments                   3.1.2 Accessible buildings and workstations             3.2 Assisting the blind or vision-impaired                   3.2.1 Assistive Technology for blindness or vision impairment                   3.2.2 Accessible media and formats                   3.2.3 Costs and trends in the use and provision of Braille                   3.2.4 Considerations when choosing a Braille printer             3.3 Deaf and hard of hearing             3.4 Cognitive impairments             3.5 Equipping inclusive schools with accessible ICTs       4 Developing and implementing accessible, ICT-connected schools             4.1 National policy reform                   4.1.1 Six key policy areas in developing and implementing accessible ICTs in connected schools                   4.1.2 Research in support of evidenced-based policy development                   4.1.3 Stakeholders and consultations                   4.1.4 Special policy considerations for persons with disabilities                   4.1.5 Evaluation and monitoring             4.2 Supporting teachers and students                   4.2.1 Integration and use of accessible ICTs in school curriculum                   4.2.2 Assistive technology and needs assessment             4.3 Funding strategies                   4.3.1 Sustainable funding                   4.3.2 Proprietary and “free and open-source” software                   4.3.3 Supporting a sustainable and viable AT eco-system             4.4 Procurement policies                   4.4.1 Compatibility with school IT infrastructure             4.5 Trends in Technology development influencing the use of ICT in education                   4.5.1 Cloud computing and AT                   4.5.2 Mobile learning                   4.5.3 Connectivity                   4.5.4 Learning platforms                   4.5.5 Open Educational Resources                   4.5.6 Web accessibility       5 Leveraging Accessible ICT-enabled schools as community hubs for training for Adults with Disabilities             5.1 Multipurpose Community Telecenters...
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