Ict Health and Safety Report

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Health and Safety Report

Health related problems associated with regular use of the computer

If you use the computer for many hours then you will be vulnerable to different types of health related issues.

One of the health related issues that would occur with the use of a computer for long periods of time is eye-strain. Eye-strain happens because the muscles that are used to focus your eyes do not move and so they become tired and painful. It is generally caused by looking at a monitor which is at an unvaried distance away. There are different methods to prevent eye-strain. They can be simply solved: * Have regular intervals where you look away from the monitor. Re- focus on an object, it could be far or near. This would exercise your muscles. * Use an anti-glare filter for your computer to reduce the screen reflection which can exhaust your eyes.

Another problem which results with regular use of the computer is Back and Neck pain.
Back and neck pain is caused mainly by the way the body is positioned as you are sitting o n the chair. This problem can be resolved:
* Use an economical chair. An ergonomic chair is one that fits the body well, giving support to areas such as the lower back (lumbar region) * The computer keyboard and monitor should be at the correct height for the seated person (keyboard lower than the elbow, top of monitor at eye level). * Take regular breaks: get up, walk around and stretch your muscles.

Bad Position Good Position

An additional problem which arises is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). RSI is a general term for disorders that occur from prolonged, repetitious movement. In particular, typing and using a mouse for long periods are common causes of RSI in the wrist. The problem can be solved:

* Use a wrist-rest to support the wrists while typing and when using the mouse. * Take regular breaks from typing or using the mouse.

Physical safety protection

Electrical protection
Computers are generally connected to 240v mains electricity and must be treated with care. The computer should be properly earthed and the plugs should have the correct fuses. Rooms should be fitted with a residual current device (RCD) to reduce the risk of electric shock. Trailing electrical leads should be avoided to reduce the risk of tripping or them being damaged .Kick-boards under desks reduce the risk of feet tangling with trailing wires. Leads should preferably be in trunking or be safely tied out of the way. There should be enough power sockets to avoid them being overloaded. Mains plugs and leads must be checked for safety once a year.

Food and Drink consummation
Food and drink should not be consumed when near a computer equipment. Food crumbs can prevent a computer mouse or keyboard from working properly. Any spilt liquids are a possible fire risk near electrical equipment and can easily ruin items such as floppy disks. Equipment positioning

Many items of computer equipment are very heavy: CRT monitors, laser printers, etc. If they were to fall they could severely hurt someone. To assure there will not be any risks the equipment must be placed on strong and stable tables/ shelves. Also they must be laced so that they are nowhere near the edge of the table/shelve. Health and safety

To avoid health and safety issues all together the work place must ensure all the members are aware of the health and safety issues. The work place should also provide health and safety training and supervision. Data protection

Organisation of files
To assure that you will be able to find all your files will have to sort your documents into structured folders. To have a structured folder you can sub-categorize files. This will enable you to find files easily and without looking through thousands of files. To make this all possible the first step is to give the files suitable names. For example an essay on Macbeth would have a title of “Macbeth Essay” then you would...
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