Ict Health and Safety Act

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Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)
• Sets out duties that employers have to employees and what duties employees have to themselves and others. • Steps employers must take; - Carry out assessments of H & S risks - Make arrangements for any risks found in assessment to be mended. - Keep a record of assessments & adjustments made as a result. - Draw up a H & S Policy and drawing the employees attention to it. - Appointing competent people to carry out H & S adjustments. - Provide clear emergency procedures (E.g Fire exits). - Provide clear information & training. - Cooperate with other employees who share the same workplace. • Steps employees must take; - Take reasonable care of themselves. - Co-operate with employer - Use provided work items correctly. - Not interfering/misusing anything which is provided.

Copyright Designs & Patents Act (1980)

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Gives creator ownership - only they can change/adapt the deign & give permission for others to use it. Act applies to many different types of work; computer programs, music, art, drama, sound recording, films, radio and television broadcasts. However, this act does allow some material to be used for educational purposes. (e.g. placing a copyrighted image in an assignment) How will it affect organisations? - They will need to check the copyright status of any existing information they want to use. - However, they may own the copyright & have financial gain by charging others to use it. - Ensure they have the correct licenses & make sure no more than the specified number of people are using the copyrighted object (e.g computer program) at any one time. 2 of 6

Data Protection Act (1998)
• Information about people used to be on paper - now on computers. Act was updated in 1998 to cover all information including that on paper.

• Information Commissioner has a register of organisations who store & process personal data. to be included in register the organisation has to provide; - name & address...
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