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Topics: Computer security, Computer, Security Pages: 4 (991 words) Published: May 30, 2013
“Making Internet & Computing SAFE for ALL… around the World…” !!! What is “cyber security” ???
It seems that everything relies on computers and the internet now — * Communication (e-mails,mobiles)
* Entertainment (digital cables,mp3s)
* Transportation (Car engine systems, Airplane navigation) * Shopping (Online stores, Credit cards)
* Medicine (Equipments, Medical records)……..etc… How much of your daily life relies on computers? How much of your personal information is stored either on your own computer or on someone else's system? Cyber security involves protecting that information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks. What are the risks?

There are many risks….;some more serious than others.
* viruses erasing your entire system
* someone breaking into your system and altering files
* someone using your computer to attack others
* someone stealing your credit card information and making unauthorized purchases.

What can you do ?????
The first step in protecting yourself is to recognize the risks and become familiar with some of the terminology associated with them. Hacker, attacker, or intruder - These terms are applied to the people who seek to exploit weaknesses in software and computer systems for their own gain. Although their intentions are sometimes fairly benign and motivated solely by curiosity, their actions are typically in violation of the intended use of the systems they are exploiting. The results can range from mere mischief (creating a virus with no intentionally negative impact) to malicious activity (stealing or altering information). Malicious code (Malware) It’s a broad category that includes any code that could be used to attack your computer. Ex:- Viruses

It can have the following characteristics:
It might require actually do something before it infects your computer. Ex:- opening an...
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