Ict and E-Business Impact in the Energy Supply Industry

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ICT and e-Business Impact in the Energy Supply Industry
Sectoral e-Business Watch Study Report No. 03/2009

European Commission, DG Enterprise & Industry e-Mail: entr-innov-ict-ebiz@ec.europa.eu, info@ebusiness-watch.org

Impact Study No. 03/2009

ICT and e-Business Impact in the Energy Supply Industry
A Sectoral e-Business Watch study by IDC EMEA

Final Report
Version 4.0

December 2009

This report was prepared by IDC EMEA on behalf of the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate General, in the context of the "Sectoral eBusiness Watch" programme. The Sectoral e-Business Watch is implemented by empirica GmbH in cooperation with DIW Berlin, IDC EMEA, Ipsos and GOPACartermill based on a service contract with the European Commission.

e-Business impact in the energy supply industry

About the Sectoral e-Business Watch and this report
The European Commission, Enterprise & Industry Directorate General, launched the Sectoral eBusiness Watch (SeBW) to study and assess the impact of ICT on enterprises, industries and the economy in general across different sectors of the economy in the enlarged European Union, EEA and Accession countries. SeBW continues the successful work of the e-Business W@tch which, since January 2002, has analysed e-business developments and impacts in manufacturing, construction, financial and service sectors. All results are available on the Internet and can be accessed or ordered at the SeBW website (www.ebusiness-watch.org). This is a final report of a sector impact study, focusing on electronic business in the energy supply industry. The study describes how companies use ICT for conducting business, and, above all, assesses implications thereof for firms and for the industry as a whole. The findings are based on an international survey of enterprises on their ICT use, an econometric analysis of ICT impact on greenhouse gas emissions in the sector, case studies, expert interviews and literature evaluation.

Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use, which might be made of the following information. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Commission. Nothing in this report implies or expresses a warranty of any kind. Results from this report should only be used as guidelines as part of an overall strategy. For detailed advice on corporate planning, business processes and management, technology integration and legal or tax issues, the services of a professional should be obtained.

This report was prepared by IDC EMEA, Italy, on behalf of the European Commission, Enterprise and Industry Directorate General. The main authors were Roberta Bigliani, Elena Gaboardi, Gaia Gallotti and Gabriella Cattaneo. The study is a deliverable of the Sectoral e-Business Watch, which is implemented by empirica GmbH in cooperation with DIW Berlin, IDC EMEA, Ipsos and GOPACartermill, based on a service contract with the European Commission (principal contact and coordination: Dr. Hasan Alkas). The study team would like to thank Bernard Aebischer, Maher Chebbo, Iiro Rinta-Jouppi, Miguel Angel Sánchez Fornié, and Thomas Theisen, who are members of the Advisory Board in 2009, for their valued feedback, comments and contributions to this study.

For further information about this Sector Study or the Sectoral e-Business Watch, please contact:

IDC EMEA Viale Monza, 14 20127 Milan Italy rbigliani@idc.com

Sectoral e-Business Watch c/o empirica GmbH Oxfordstr. 2 53111 Bonn Germany info@ebusiness-watch.org

European Commission Enterprise & Industry Directorate-General D4 "ICT for competitiveness and innovation" entr-innov-ictebiz@ec.europa.eu

Rights restrictions
Material from this report can be freely used or reprinted but not for commercial purposes, and, if quoted, the exact source must be clearly...

References: OECD, Statistical Compedium, 2005-1. OECD. OECD Information Technology Outlook http://www.oecd.org/document/20/0,3343,en_2649_33757_41892820_1_1_1_1,00.html. (2008).
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