Icse Listening Skills

Topics: Reading, Satyajit Ray, Answer Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: August 23, 2013

Material 1. The examiner’s copy comprising Guidelines for the Examiner and the Passage for Oral Reading. 2. The question paper comprising questions and answers in multiple choice.

Instructions for the conduct of the assessment Candidates are seated as for a written examination. The recommended number of candidates at a sitting is 30. The question paper and a sheet of rough paper are distributed to candidates before the readings of the passage take place. At this stage they enter their names, class, roll no. on the question paper and read the note for candidates. The passage is read aloud clearly by the Examiner twice, the first time at normal speed (about 110 words a minute) and the second time at a slower speed. Between the two readings the Examiner may give a pause of about three minutes to allow the candidates to read the questions and answers. During the readings the candidates may make brief notes on the rough paper given to them. At the end of the second oral reading the examiner directs the candidates to answer the question paper. Candidates will enter their answers in ink. The duration of the assessment is 30 minutes, which includes the time taken for the two readings and answering the questions on the question paper. Note: Based on the above guidelines, candidates shall be assessed in Classes IX & X. 1

ICSE Specimen Question Paper (Internal Assessment)

The Examiner reads : In this passage, Satyajit Ray, the renowned film maker, describes how he tried to shoot a scene for a film, using a circus tiger. The door of the cage was unfastened and Mr. Thorat, the trainer, called out to the tiger. It responded almost at once and sprang out of its cage. Instead of walking sedately in a dignified manner the tiger started prancing around with tremendous enthusiasm. It leapt, it jumped, it rolled about, dragging its poor trainer, who was desperately clutching the wire tied...
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