ICS, Inc.: Project Management

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ICS, Inc.

DeclarationPage 3
Executive SummaryPage 4
Problem Identification & Proposed SolutionsPage 6
1. Organisational StructurePage 6
2. Request for Proposal (RFP), Scope of Work (SOW) & ObjectivesPage 9 3. Project LifecyclePage 11
4. Conflict and CommunicationPage 13
Conclusion & RecommendationsPage 16
References & BibliographyPage 18

Executive Summary
ICS, Inc. is a relatively small information systems consulting establishment. The company is headed by Ivana, the owner, and supported by 20 employees. They have recently been awarded a contract with a Fortune 100 company to design and implement an e-business system for one distribution centre. Depending on the success of this project, ICS, Inc. could possibly be assigned to install similar systems at a number of distribution centres. As a result of this, Ivana committed to completing the project within six months, despite the client proposing a nine month project lifecycle. In addition to this, Ivana reduced the project costs to a bare minimum. The researcher has analysed the case study and based on the evaluation has identified the following problems and proposed solutions / recommendations: Organisational Architecture not properly instituted:

ICS, Inc does not have a strong leader steering the company and the company employees. It is recommended that the company implement a strong leadership programme to reinstate leadership skills and improve work moral. Furthermore, roles and responsibilities must be clearly be defined so as to avoid any vague authority and duties. Request for Proposal (RFP), Scope of Work (SOW) and objectives not clearly defined: When completing the RFP, all associated team members must be included. This will ensure that the SOW is defined and implemented as planned. It will also guarantee that company and project objectives are delineated and communicated to employees. In doing so, employees are included in the planning and more likely to participate positively.

Project Lifecycle not defined and pursued:
The project did not follow the correct project lifecycle, defined as - conceptualise and initiation phase
design and development phase
implementation phase
commission and handover phase
It is recommended that the correct process be followed to ensure milestones are realised and eventually project success obtained. Lack of conflict management and communication:
Due to poor conflict manage and communication from executive management, it is proposed that an interim solution be put in place; Ivana should be excluded in the operational matters regarding the project. Patrick should be given the Power of Attorney on the basis that he will escalate matters should he be unable to resolve issues. Once the project is commissioned and handed over to the client, the company and its executives should consider a long-term solution to resolve the management of conflict and communication. It is proposed that ICS, Inc. Initiate a Change Management Program to eradicate existing problems and prevent future problems. To address these problems, the researcher used the following approach: Situation analysis

Identification of the main problem
Identification of alternative solution
Identification of all relevant and critical aspects that play an important role in developing alternatives Evaluation of each alternative
Question 1
Evaluate the case and prioritise a solution. Prioritise the steps to be taken in your approach, be systematic and motivate your assertions. Problem Identification and Proposed Solutions
Organisational Architecture not properly instituted
Analysing the cause/s:
ICS, Inc. has recently landed a contract with an established firm that could potentially lead to future contracts of a similar nature. The...

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