Ice Man

Topics: Iceman, Axe, Isotope Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Ötzi the ice man
On September 1991, two hikers discovered a frozen body in Ötztal area near the border of Austria and Italy. Further examination of the body revelled that it was an old frozen mummy lived thousands years ago. The body was called Ötzi the iceman, after the Ötztal area where he was found. Various technologies and scientific methods were used by historians and archaeologists tried to work out the life and death of Ötzi. Some of these major methods are: Examining the photos from the excavation site for the layout of Ötzi 's surroundings. Carbon-14 dating to date when Ötzi had lived.

A Mass Spectrometer (AMS) is used to discover Ötzi's social background. X-ray, CAT scan and DNA analysis also used to determine the possible causes of his death. By examining the photos taken at the site, Austrian archaeologists worked out the layout of Ötzi, his equipment and his clothing. The archaeologists noticed that Ötzi's copper axe was leaning on a rock. The archaeologists assumed that Ötzi placed it there himself and that all of the surroundings where preserved and concluded he maybe was in a battle or hunting trip when he met his death. To identify when Ötzi had lived, archaeologists compared the equipment and tools found on the site with other tools that where similar and found elsewhere and which were thousands of years old. A more advanced technology called Carbon-14 dating was used to date Ötzi's age. According to the scientific research, living tissue absorbs Carbon-14 from the air. When the living tissue dies, the intake of Carbon-14 is stopped and any carbon left gradually disappears half of it every 5730 years. What Carbon-14 left in the body can be measured using a mass spectrometer, and from this it can be calculated how long ago the animal lived. Based on the Carbon-14 test revealed that Ötzi lived around 5,300 years ago. Scientists scanned Ötzi with x-rays and CAT scans. They found that his bone structure was deformed from their original position....
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