Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Topics: Ice hockey, Ice rink, Lacrosse Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: April 5, 2002
Ice Hockey and Lacrosse

Both Lacrosse and Ice hockey are two sports that share similar aspects. One example would be that they both require plenty of athletic prowess, as well as countless hours of training and practice to master. The high amount of contact in both sports enables a player to become both physically and mentally "tough". Lacrosse has grown to its highest level of popularity it has ever reached over the last ten years. Ice hockey has seen a steady climb in its popularity over the past 25 years making it one of the most popular sports in not only Long Island, but all across the U.S. However, there are many differences as well, and we should not overlook the fact that there are plenty of distinctions between the two great sports. Many of which are the main reasons that these are obviously two separate sports.

The biggest similarity is the object of both games. To outscore the other team. The score is determined by points called goals. Ice hockey and lacrosse are contact sports. Opposing teams will try to "check" each other. This means that the teams are trying to literally knock the ball or puck out of possession of the other player. If a check becomes too violent, a penalty, which is another similarity between the two sports, will be called. Due to the aggressive nature of both sports, helmets and extensive padding are required to play without injury. Another thing they have in common is that the possession of the puck or ball is determined by a face-off. A face-off is when two opposing players battle for the puck or ball. Goalies are an essential part of both sports because the goalies are the last line of defense before the opposing team can score a goal. The goalie crease, in ice hockey as well as lacrosse, cannot be entered by any players because it gives the goalie an interference-free zone. Any goal scored by a team that is made from the goalie crease will not be counted. A final similarity would be that both...
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