Ice-Fili Swot Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Ice cream, Goal Pages: 4 (1588 words) Published: March 7, 2009
Ice-Fili is currently competing in Russia’s ice cream industry. Although they have expanded to other products such as margarine and mayonnaise they will continue to focus on their core product line, which is ice cream. The reasoning behind this is that their ice cream production constitutes the majority of their profits and it is what Ice-Fili is most skilled at. The short-term and long-term corporate goals of Ice-Fili are relatively similar in that they both are concerned with dealing with their competitors. Ice-Fili’s short-term goals are: To remain competitive within the ice cream market and to maintain their status as market share leader. The long-term goals are: To gain market share over competitors such as Nestle and to differentiate their products. The long-term goals are tied together in that Ice-Fili can hope to gain market share by differentiating their products as better than their competitors’ products.

Ice-Fili is the current market share leader in the ice cream industry but has been faltering in recent years and may be overtaken if nothing is done. Their position is in jeopardy because of competition from other ice cream producers. Nestle has recently emerged as their biggest threat and is currently second in market share in the ice cream industry. In addition, foreign companies such as Baskin & Robbins and Haagen-Dazs are gaining ground by distributing through franchised restaurants and café networks. Ice-Fili currently differentiates itself by offering the largest variety of ice cream products. It also differentiates by producing its ice cream using all-natural products. Ice-Fili plans to continue to differentiate itself through its large variety and all-natural products, but, if it chooses, can also differentiate itself by advertising its high quality and great taste and the fact that it is a Russian company. Plan A

Ice-Fili has a decided distinctive competency in their production process. Their all-natural products...
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