Topics: Management, Russia, SWOT analysis Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: March 22, 2007
The Ice-Fili Public Limited Company rightly deserves to be considered one of the oldest ice-cream producers in Russia. The Ice-Fili is one of Russia's most famous and admired companies, both because of its entrepreneurial success and socially progressive vision. In its present form, it was incorporated on the basis of Frozen Products Plant No. 8, which was set up 65 years ago with support from Anastas Mikoyan, a popular and influential political figure. The company manufactures products that are loved by everyone everywhere, by children and adults alike. The company's high-quality ice-creams earned it a place in the list of Russia's 100 Best Products. It has won a Moscow Badge of Excellence in 1999 and 2000, was awarded the national Product of the Year prize. Loyal customers came to buy Ice-Fili's products not only because they were unusual and tasted great, but also because they came to symbolize a commitment to social justice. What are Ice-Fili's' critical success factors over the past decades? What obstacles must the firm now overcome in order to continue its effective operation? This report will examine in detail the primary sources of organizational effectiveness including values, structure, internal and external environment and culture. The major challenges to continued success will then be analyzed. Finally, recommendations for success will be addressed. Ice-Fili Strategy

Ice-Fili's pursues a strategy of product differentiation, focusing both on high quality, experimental flavors and product lines, and most importantly, an innovative branding methodology that combines traditional business goals with a progressive social agenda to form a truly unique and attractive product offering. Ice-Fili's products fall within the highest subset of super-premium ice-cream. Ice-Fili's further focuses on quality by using only the finest ingredients that include natural dairy products and pure additives such as organic fruits. An additional source of...
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