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What is the biggest disadvantage of social media?
It’s distracting:I look at my phone instead of doing work at homeI end up doing something you didn’t want to doI want to do productive work but end up looking at my phone instead I don’t give 100% to my work and could do better

I take a break and use social mediaWhy do you take a break?I can’t focus 100% in two hours so I take a small breakThe length of and number of breaks I take depends how tired and bored I amIt doesn’t keep me from getting my work done on time though. I need social media contact all of the time

I don’t think there are any disadvantages – Facebook isn’t a disadvantage, I use social media fully for half an hour and then can focus fully on my work. The problem with linking – you can watch Youtube videos on Facebook and I have to watch themAvailability – time difference – you’re studying and someone is trying to contact you Takes up time and makes doing work take even longer

Biggest disadvantage is notifications – they are distracting and you have to click them!Have to see continual updatesNeed to focus so disable all technology updatesIt doesn’t help when you’re trying to focus and use entire study time when you have distractions I subscribe to a lot and need to watch/look at things before I go to bed or I can’t sleep. The social networks know what you like – they gather cookies and it causes further distractions as you the watch new updates and recommendations I use it when I am bored and want to laugh I know everything from social media – don’t need to use newspapers etcTells you how to do everything eg do your makeupThere’s a variation of things available Noone would give up social media without a great incentive to do soMight if they were in their home countryMight if they had things to doMight if they couldn’t actually get onto use social media eg no internet connections Check Facebook but don’t actually use it because your page used to be personal but now they know everything about...
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