Topics: Shopping mall, Laughter, Desserts Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Weaving in and out of the crowds at the shopping mall with my friend, Emily, in tow, walked into the Hillside Mall, which is our usual destination after a supplementary lesson on Friday afternoon. The mall’s air conditioning was blasting out freezing air and the latest pop music hits were blaring from various stores. Screeching laughter enchanted from the excited children and I could notice that various patrons of the mall were laden down with bulging shopping bags. It was an unusual Friday as I was in a bad mood as I failed my recent examination but it was still quite okay until something drastic happened… Noticing my glum expression, Emily relented at last. “Shall we go and get an ice-cream?”She suggested. I immediately brightened up at the prospect of a refreshing dessert. We headed towards our favourite ice-cream shop and she paid $3 for herself and me. Appetising ice-creams in hand, we leant against the railings, watching the shoppers pass by below us as we enjoyed our desserts. As I savoured the sweet, creamy taste of the cool treat, I noticed a familiar figure strolling past on the ground floor. “Look!” I exclaimed, “That’s my cousin, Andrew!” I had not seen my favourite cousin for months, and was thrilled to spot his face in the midst of the crowded mall. I leant as far over the railings as safely I could, and yelled out Andrew’s name at the top of my voice. He turned and waved back, but, suddenly, his pleased expression turned into one horror. At the same moment, I realised that my sudden movement had jolted the scoop of melting ice-cream off the top of my cone. I scrabbled to catch it, but it was too late. The half-eaten scoop of ice-cream plummeted unstoppably towards the ground floor. As I watched, a nearly-attired young man was standing under the path of the tumbling scoop of ice-cream. I clasped my hand over my eyes, unable to look. A moment later, I heard Emily’s appalled gasp followed by a hoarse cry of disbelief echoing from the atrium....
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