Ice Cakes

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Product/ Service

Ice cream cake is a lip-smacking goody that provides our customers a unique and fun-filled way of enjoying two of the most favorite, mouth-watering desserts--- ice cream and cake.

Today there is the existence of ice cream cakes in the markets. But different from what is presently offered, which is actually 100% ice cream that are shaped and designed like that of a cake, our product is distinct because it is ice cream and cake in one! Filled with whipped cream and other yummy toppings for garnishing like chocolate chips, fudge, assorted nuts, candies and fruits, it’s sure to suit customer’s taste.

At the on-start of the business, the proponents of the study plans to offer a wide variety of ice cream cakes for everyone to enjoy. These are:

Minty Misty Sky – chocolate cheesecake swirl topped with chocolate mint ice cream garnished with whip cream, blue concessionaire sugar and clouds & stars gumpaste icing with candy sprinkle.

White Christmas – Lemons mousse cake with vanilla ice cream layered with melted white chocolate.

Reeses Kisses – Choco-peanut butter cake topped with chocnut ice cream garnished in colorful hershey’s kissables

Coffee Jewel – espresso brownie bar with coffee crumble ice cream topped with amber shaped coffee jellies

Ice Toffee Latte Nut Craze – Dobos Torte cake with ice cream topped with macadamia nuts and toffee crunch

Chocolate Chip Snow – Chocolate Decadence topped with vanilla ice cream garnished with whipped cream, chocolate kisses and chocolate fudge

Midnight Dream – Midnight Dream chocolate mousse topped with dark chocolate ice cream with semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate chunks

Icy Strawberry Whipped Deluxe – Strawberry Diaquiri cake topped with strawberry ice cream garnished with whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Sicilly frenzy entourage – marble butter scotch cheese cake stuffed with Vienna ice cream and topped with chocolate pretzels and Belgian waffles

Milky wilky Way - caramel cheese stuffed with milk chocolate ice cream and topped with marshmallow and vanilla swirls

Crouch potato – ginger bread cake stuffed with sweet potato caramelize ice cream and topped with ginger bread powders and macadamia chocolate sprinkles

Summersault extravaganza – rum butter cake stuffed with mango pineapple ice cream and topped with pineapple relishes and hazelnut tidbits

Cheezy Berry whiz splendor – blue berry cheesecake stuffed with raspberry and cheese ice cream and topped with strawberry and kiwi halves

Icy strawberry whipped deluxe – strawberry cheesecake stuffed with creamy vanilla ice cream and topped with strawberry haves and jams and layered with sugary icing.

Rocky road swirl – marble cake topped with rocky road ice cream with whipped cream, walnuts, marshmallows and chocolate syrup

Creamy oreo blitz – white chocolate almond torte stuffed with cookies and cream ice cream topped with oreo cookie tidbits.

Chocolate Cherry Chipper – Red chocolate cake layered with cherry ice cream topped with cherry halves

Peanut Butter Cup – White cake layered with butter pecan ice cream sprinkled with tidbits of reeses peanut butter cups

Crazy cappuccino – Mocha cake filled with cappuccino ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup crowned with butter roasted almonds

Honey caramel sprout – hazelnut sponge cake filled with honey ice cream topped with caramel flavored whipped cream and caramel toffee balls

Caramel temptation – banana cake layered worth extra rich and flavored caramel ice cream swirled with caramel brownie chunks and bits of graham crackers

Production Process

To be able to give a precise and simple production process, a single product flavor that is to be offered by Ice Cake, Chocolate Malt Ice-Cream Cake was chosen. This is possible because all of the varieties to be offered follow almost - if not identical procedures...
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