Ice Breaker

Topics: Brad Pitt, Rafael Nadal, Angelina Jolie Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: September 25, 2009
18 years of my life in 5 mins......seems impossible????? YES, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! Perhaps one would need the best describing adjectives which the English language has to offer to describe me. Effervescent-that’s me

Energetic-that’s me
Chatter-box-that’s me too
A born leader-me again
Sporting- me!!
Having the gift of the gab-There u again
But on a more serious note-all of that is...REALLY ME!!!
Good morning to one and all present her. I guess, it’s time now for a comprehensive case study. The youngest of all in the family, that’s me, Shruti Jaipuria, has been pampered and spoilt thoroughly resulting in me turning into a brat. Though I portray to be otherwise, there is a devilish streak in me which instigates me to do a lot of naughty but unharmful deeds. Bossing over my elder brothers has become more than a habit for me. Born on the 11th of March, I have been groomed by my family, as perceived by one n all into a perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything nice and naughty. This, I owe to my family. Robert Half once said that the greatest ability of a human is to recognise ability and all the teachers of Vidya Niketan. My past school, have this rare ability, who in turn have helped me to etch my personality and traits to precision. One of the most revered and treasured moments of my school life was when I was instilled School Captain....not once, but thrice. On a lighter vein, the scene at home is like me using my famous tag-line, which acts like a magic wand for me-JUST BECAUSE IM SMALL, EVERYBODUY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF MY POSITION. This helps me to wriggle out of all the tight spots I manage to get into. (Literally) Aptly stated by my brother, I have promptly tampered with all professional lives, that of being an Architect, A doctor, A Chartered Acountant, A lawyer and finally my wandering soul is here resting in peace at CMS doing what my brother always knew I’d end up doing-management. Being...
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