Ice Berg Is Melting

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Changing and Succeeding Under any ConditiorlS


Changiog Hnd Succeeding Under lIllY Condition:;

Holger Ralngeber

Iceberg Is Melting

\VItat People Are Saying
"Our Ial>n!l Is M~m"ll is .u~rb. It ~ mbodi... po ,,· ~ rful m~... that can h ~lp a broad audi~ n"". It c",' ~ '" aU the .t~ ps to . u = in a ,,·orld, from find in. the .ubstantial issu ... , aliltnin. with a pot~ nt champion , chartin. the cou,""" .~ ttin. buy -in, d~ alin. with th"", who want no chan.e, and", on. ' _ClIO,. H ... ,""

CmGwn Gw",,- .'- bW... t chall ~ n&... _ ·what probl ~ m , [don' t _ a probl ~ m ' _ in the ront~ xt of a m~1tin& i""~ ,.. and a d~ t~ rm in~ p LEa.'''G

"In this fMt-paced ,,·orld, with piln of data and writte n mate rial, this book is a b",ath off""h air. It is .imple and to the point, e M)" to ",ad, and filled with man)" ide M that ,,·e can aU appl)". I found m)" mind ,-.,t)edin& on the past on one P"&e and thin kin& about the futu,"" on the ne xt ." _ ElMAn> 0",





Cillo.... G,, '"

Our Iceberg Is Melting
C/u"'lIi"ll and S1JCC«di"ll Undo- Any Conliitions

John Kotter

Holger Rathgeber

S,. Marlin>, Preu •



OE...''''..'' '''' 11''''''. Cop)"ri£ht ~ oo5 b)" John i:ott~ r and Hol&~ r fo ,"",,·ord cop)"ri£ht 'll b)"

www.l tmar t jn l .oom Librar)" of Con&,..... ClI.talo&in&-in -PubliCll.tion Data John P. , '94 7 Our i""~,.. is m~1tin&: ehan&in& and .uOCffdin& und~ r an)" conditions/ John i:ott~ r and H ol&~ r R.>.th&~~r _ at St. Martin'. P,.....~. ISII..>';-, 3: 978-0-3 ' ~ - 36 , 98-3 ISII..>';-, 0: 0 -3 ' ~ - 36 , 98-X ,. O,..anizatiom' . ehan&~ . ~ . O,..anizational rif~ti'· ~ n ..... 3. ~n &u ins _ Fict ion. I title i:ott~ r ,

HD 5 8.8. i: 67 ~ ~ oo6 6 50 . ,---d c ~~



in the


Stat... b)" John

i:ott~ r


H ol&~ r

R.>.th&~~r und~ r the t i tle OuT lal>n!l 15 M~mng : Changi"" and S1Jccadi"" UndO' Ad!:O'..., Conditions

S~n "" r

Johruon, M.D .

.... uthor of Who MOH d M)" Ch ~ ? " Coauthor of The One Minute Man 1I.£e r"

On the .urfa"", this ,,·onde rful book ap~a,.. to be a . imple fable that is e M)" to read and unde ,..tand. But that is jmt the tip of the p,,,,·e rbial i""be,... Workin& with John i:atte r , at the Harnro Bmineu School , 1 learned that h e know. mo,"" about ehan&in& o,..anizatioru than an)"one, an)"whe",. Leade ,.. and man1l.£e ,.. around the ,,·orld hHe ",~ d his hilthl)" ,..,.~ted book, /Lading CfuJng~, and hHe disc",·e red. that his Eiltht Ste ps is the bnt wa)" to e ruu ,"" a .uoctofu.' Well, with Our l""be,.. Is Meltin&, e ,·e r)"one ,,·orkin& in an)" kind of o,..anization-and that is mo>t people-ean now disc",·e r how to u.., the .... m e Eiltht Ste ps, and e njo)" mo,"".uocatiooal Gm&rAphic "n' mull b& for rOUD~

child,..,n, you'll won _ this book is .bout ,..,al -life proble rru that frmtrate nearly e ,-e ryone in or&anizations. For ,..,ade ,.. who ,,·ould prfl'e r to be&in by le .rnin& about the history of this book, its intellectual unde rpinninv, the Ei&ht Ste p chan&e me thod, or e xactly how this fable can h elp you .uOCffd in an e r a of chan&e, ,,·e h.,.e placed that mate rilll afte r the .tory on P"lte , 2 8. If that donn' t feel needed now, jmt find a comfortable chair and ,..,ad on.

Our Iceberg Will Never Melt
On"" upon a time a rolon)" of ~n&uiru WIU H,·in& in the f"""n .'lntaretic on an i""~ ,.. nur what ,,·e call toda)" Ca~ WlUhin&ton.

The i""~ ,.. had ~n thu" for many , man)" )"u,... It WIU .urround~ b)" a ",a r ich in food. On its .uria"" ". ~,.., hu&e walb of ~ t~ rm>.1 .now that &He ~n&uiru .h ~1tu from druMul win tu .torrru . .... for b.ack IU an)" of the ~n &u iru rould ,..,m~m~r , the )" had alwa)". on that i""~ ,... "This is our home, " the )" ,,·ould t~l1 )"ou if )"ou rould e ,· ~ rfi nd th ~i r ,,·orld of...
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