Ibig Sabihin Ng Micronutrients

Topics: Brain, Human brain, Internet Pages: 3 (576 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Characters: Adrian – Reporter
Erica – Crazy woman
Daniel – Scientist
Adrian: Good Afternoon everyone. And welcome to the SNF (showbiz news future) show wherein we bring you tomorrow’s news today! And this is your host, yours truly, Adrian Abunda. Today, we have a very important guest. He is a well-known scientist, physicist, inventor and biotechnologist, who is currently working on some major-major scientific projects from what I’ve heard. Please welcome Mr. DJ BERNOULLI PADILLA! Daniel: *enters* Good afternoon everyone, and good afternoon Mr. Adrian Abunda. Adrian: For starters, can you please enlighten us about the new project you’re working on. I heard it’s going to be a scientific breakthrough! Daniel: Well, this discover is a breakthrough because it utilizes the brain of the dead. Adrian: A brain from the dead?

Daniel: Yes. Actually, I have been working on an experiment to see if this works. We recorded it and I brought a DVD so you all can watch it. Adrian: Great! Well, everyone, please do watch this following tape… *Adrian and Daniel EXIT*

*Erica enters – hihiga sa harap at magbabaliw-baliwan*
Background voice: After we have removed her brain, we have connected an aspirator to serve as a replacement for some time while we look for a compatible source of brain from all the available brains. *Erica will stand up and look around*

Erica: I can feel that I’ve grown a thousand times smarter! But, what is this… I can’t see anything?! =AFTER=
*Erica EXIT*
*Adrian and Daniel – to original set position*
Adrian: That’s a… very interesting experiment.
Daniel: If you’re referring to her going blind… that’s just a side effect yet to be solved. Adrian: Well then, thank you Mr. Padilla for accepting our invitation. Daniel: No problem *exits*
Adrian: For our next guest, we have world renowned inventor, Ms. PRECIOUS CAPEROCHO! Prei: Good afternoon to all of you.
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