Ib Tok Perception of Senses

Topics: Sense, Human, Perception Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: June 13, 2006
Throughout the history of our world "man" has always tried to describe or define knowledge in regards to its knower. During the age of Greek dominance, a philosopher who went by the name of Plato decided that the knowledge that surrounds everything and ever person is a mysterious kind of union between a knower and his knowledge. At times he compares knowledge to a type of love that human beings should embrace in every mystical way. John Dewey, describes his idea of mans' relationship with knowledge: "when a man gets to know something, the process is in more mysterious than when he gets to eat something."(Abel: Man is the Measure) In a simpler approach, the definition of knowledge

In the Early stages of a lifetime, a human being develops the attributes that will eventually lead to the development of everyday decision making, and interpreting knowledge. These attributes that a human develops are known as perceptive filters. The term perceptive filters is a phrase that is used to explain the way perception can be altered due to the filters that are put on it. Perception of course, means the way of understanding or interpreting something, however, the filter can associate many things. The filter can relate to an agenda, paradigms, and the way people are raised. Therefore, ever person's perceptive filters must be different. For example, a person who was raised in the nineteenth century might have a different perception on the type of nation we live in. The nineteenth century individual, would probably say that America was an industrial/self manufacturing nation, while on the other hand an individual born in the present day and age may say that the US is and economic titan, which now only deals with trading and stock holding. He would say that the United States does not need to create their own goods, simply because they can get them cheaper from third world nations. As time progresses, paradigms shift letting people raise there children a differently,...
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