Ib Math Sl Syllabus

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IB Mathematics SL Year 1

Welcome to IB Mathematics. This two-year course is designed for students who have a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. The topics covered in this course include: * Algebra
* Functions
* Equations
* Circular functions
* Trigonometry
* Vectors
* Statistics
* Probability
* Calculus

* Textbook: Mathematics SL 3rd edition. Haese Mathematics 2012 ISBN: 978-1-921972-08-9

* Edmodo: A virtual learning website where students can get homework assignments, ask homework questions, access class documents, and communicate with peers. https://iam.edmodo.com/ * Class code: ybu2s4

* Quest: Virtual learning website where students will complete graded homework assignments. https://quest.cns.utexas.edu/

* Graphing Calculator. Recommended for this course and all subsequent math courses. The Ti-Nspire or Ti-84 plus silver edition are both good choices. http://education.ti.com

* Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org. Will be used to provide students with alternative resources.

* Geometer’s Sketchpad: Graphing software. Will be installed on student computers. http://www.dynamicgeometry.com/

* Additional print, online resources and worksheets may be used. -------------------------------------------------
There will be several types of assignments that will be completed throughout this course. All of these assignments will contribute towards your final grade.

* Homework: These assignments will be graded on completion. These assignments are designed as additional practice of skills taught in class. Homework assignments may not always be graded, but are very important towards achieving mastery. Each graded homework assignment will be worth 3 total points. Missing or partially completed homework assignments will earn 0, 1, or 2 points.

* Quest: These assignments will be completed online. Students will receive immediate feedback and will be graded on their performance.

* Quick Checks: Short quizzes either on paper, Edmodo or through another online format that will be given periodically. Students may or may not have notice of quick checks. If the students are caught up on homework, they will be prepared

* Projects: Authentic assignments designed to supplement concepts taught in course. The major projects in this course will be the IB Internal Assessment.

* The IB Internal Assessment in Mathematics SL is an individual exploration. This is a piece of written work that involves investigating an area of mathematics. This assessment will be assessed by the teacher and moderated by the IBO. This assessment shall have a weight of 20% of the student’s final IB grade. This assessment will be explained in great detail later in the course.

* Quizzes: These will be summative assessments given over 1 to 5 sections of a chapter.

* Tests: These are relatively large summative assessments. There will be a minimum of two papers per quarter. Each paper may contain problems from any of the units already covered in the course. Papers will be mostly composed of previously released IB external exam questions.


It is the responsibility of the student to find and complete any work that was missed during an absence. Most assignments will be available online. Students will have however many days they were absent to complete missed work. If you are absent on a quiz/paper day, you should contact me via email to make arrangements to makeup the quiz or paper. Missed quizzes and papers will need to be made up either before or after school. Students should email the teacher if missed assignments are not clear.

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