Ib Like Water for Chocolate Analysis

Topics: Columbidae, Love, Sexual intercourse Pages: 43 (14347 words) Published: January 22, 2009

|Settings |The chapter opens with the kitchen (“Tita’s Realm”) as the main setting, but it has a different | | |significance now because there is a direct relationship with the wider society due to “the wedding”. | | | | | |The entire novel is set in a time of political instability- The Mexican Revolution. At this time, women | | |began to gain freedom, appreciation and respect from men, allowing them to find a place for themselves. In | | |this chapter, Tita shows initial signs of bringing across immense emotion through her cooking and its | | |products. This is an act of liberation that Mama Elena would not approve of if she knew of the | | |consequences. | | | | | |“White” is constantly repeated throughout this chapter, it shows how the writer makes Tita seem mentally | | |unstable because all she can think about is the wedding, and weddings are mostly all white. She seems | | |mentally unstable because the whiteness of the wedding seems to have blinded Tita because “[Tita] asked if | | |Nacha was going to add the red food color to the icing” when Nacha already did. | |Character |During this overwhelming year of the month, Tita continually thinks of the colour “White” because all she | | |can think about is the marriage between her sister and Pedro (the love of her life) which leads her to | | |become mentally unstable. | | | | | |Mama Elena punishes Tita for “feigning a headache” by conducting and forcing her to make the cake with | | |Chencha “who is experienced”. This again shows Mama Elena’s cruelty to Tita. With Mama Elena disregarding | | |that the marriage is breaking Tita’s heart, she tells Tita that she will not tolerate her ruining her | | |sister’s wedding “with [Tita] acting like a victim”. | | |She says it as if there wasn’t anything between Pedro and Tita, the verb “acting” makes it seem as though | | |Tita should react as the same way as she is. Mama Elena also shows her cruelty through violence as she gave| | |Tita “a tremendous slap.” | | | | | |We learn that Nacha is the true mother figure in Tita’s life and not Mama Elena. Going through this | | |“phenomental… unimaginable” hard time, Nacha was the sole person there to support Tita. Nacha is | | |associated with love and tenderness, where she calls Tita “my child” repeatedly. Nacha and Tita’s | | |interactions are much more loving, with their “arms around each other…gently… embraced” This contrasts with| | |the physical interactions shared by Tita and Mama Elena, where the only physical contact in the chapter is | | |through violent action....
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