IB Learner Profile

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Lawyers and Teachers : Lawyers are knowledgeable because they have to work really hard and study their case to win. They also have to go to law school for a certain amount of years. So they are very knowledgeable. Other ways to say knowledgeable: Understanding, Intelligent, Well-informed, Discerning, Perceptive. If everyone in the world was knowledgeable then the world would be a better place because people wouldn’t do stupid things. But then again if everyone was as knowledgeable then what would be the point of college. What would be the point of school period. But you have to get smart from somewhere. Intelligence just don’t come naturally. There’s always going to be that one person that thinks they are smarter than everybody else. But if everyone was smart and the same how would we be different in our way? Good question. The answer to that is that just because everybody is smart that doesn’t mean that the world is going to be the same. Lets use lawyers for an example. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up but there has to be a professor who has to teach me. Even though I am smart as I don’t know what I still need somebody to teach me. My mom was a teacher and for her to be a teacher she had to have knowledge. Even though she was only a kindergarten teacher she still has to have knowledge to be a teacher because she was also a sub for different grades. And she has me and my brother and sometimes we need help with our homework. If everybody in the world was dumb then everybody would do stupid things.Who would teach us right from wrong? Do you think school would be a waste of time? How would we even amount to be anything or to do anything if we didn’t have knowledge? Where would we be if everybody was dumb? Where would we be if everybody was knowledgeable? Would the world be a better place? Those are the questions that are lingering in your mind. But some questions are still unanswered because you never know what the was like before you came...
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