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Topics: English-language films, Game, Thought Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: July 1, 2009
lEnglish IOP final
Book – a farewell to arms
Topic –diary entry of Catherine barkley

Dear diary,
Over the last few days I am feeling very happy and confused at the same time , this is happening from the day I met him, oh he is good in every sence ,I always imagined a partner like him, he is all I want but I am getting thes weird feeling about all of this , I mean it is not that he is evil or anything it is just that I think that he is taking me and my feeling for a game , I mean this is a game and the worst part is he keeps on doing it , I cannot concentrate on the things that really matter, I know my beloved will never come back but I don’t know why I never quit thinking about him?, why my love for fedrick hennery is increasing by the beat of my heart ? why it seems kike he is the only thing that matters, why is that my nights are going sleepless thinking about him, wht type of a man he is ? . It has not been long that the memories of my fiancé haunts me reminds of every seacond I spent with him. I am looking for my fiancé in Fredrick hennery. I knoe it is wrong but I cant help him Fredrick resembles him so much that at some point of time I feel like he has retuned defing the barriers of life and death and cameback to me . oh these haunting memories I just ant to come out of it and be free of all of this misery I want to enjoy the love which I see in Frederick hennery eyes I knoe for him it might be a joke but for me he has become my life he is the sole reason I smile and look forward for a new day , he is the man I know I can depend upon but Ithat is not happing as he promises me the world but I am sure he doesn’t mean it he is playing this game with me and the weird part is I am playing along I don’t know why but every word he says is true it deesnt matter even if it is false I don’t I fell very good being with him But these days I feel lost in and spend days an nights tying to figure out what went wrong , I mean I know it was not my mistake but I...
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