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Topics: Shahrukh Khan, Love, Hindi-language films Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The personas which Shah Rukh Khan plays in many films share similar personalities. We can see this as SRK parallel his persona from one film to another. In my opinion, both in Dil Se and Baazigar, SRK’s characters turned to be psychotic.

In the film Dil Se we can see a psychotic persona, Amar, who is crazed in love. He falls in love with a girl named Meghna in the first sight. He even says that it is the shortest love story ever as a self-depreciation when Meghna leaves while he is getting a cup of hot tea for her. We can see this self-depreciation as Amar’s humor, but we can take one step further to see this self-depreciation as a sign for his psychotic in love. Because this so called “love” is only an unrequited love, the beloved even does not admit this short meet as a short romance. After this first meet, Amar and Meghna meet again several times later. Amar starts to pursuit Meghna and shows strong desire for the love. But Meghna acts in an ambiguous manner. This caused Amar become more obsessed in the love for Meghna. According to Daisy Rockwell, “Everyone knows that SRK’s obsessive brand of love can lead him to the border of dementia.” This point from Rockwell suggested that Amar’s psychotic is “paralleled” from SRK’s obsessive brand of love. In the later of the movie, Amar’s obsessed love with Meghna becomes more and more severe. He even wants to run away with Meghna when he gets married with another girl. In the final scene of the movie, Amar wants to die together with Meghna by only asks Meghna say that she loves him in return. What a mad love it is. Amar finally dies together with Meghna because of his self-destruction which resulted from his psychotic love.

In the film Baazigar we can also see a psychotic persona, Ajay, who is crazed in revenge. After reading Mazumdar’s article, we know that when Ajay was a child, his father and sister were killed by a man called Chopra. He grows up with the memory of his father and sister’s tragic death and...
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