Iago artist of Villainy

Topics: Othello, Iago, Desdemona Pages: 4 (804 words) Published: May 4, 2015
John Vandercliff
Dr. Lou Ethel Roliston
30 March 2015
There are many evil characters through out plays, but only one is an artist of villainy that character is Iago from “Othello” written by William Shakespeare. Iago is an artist of villainy first because he does not care about anyone and will use him or her for his gain. Also he is a mastermind of an evil plain that has everyone fooled. Lastly Iago is an artist of villainy because he can betray and cheat those closest to him without blinking an eye.

Iago is an artist of villainy because he is the definition of evil and you are shown this from the very beginning of the play. In beginning of the play Iago and Rodrigo are going to Brabantio who is Desdemona’s father to tell him that she is to marry Othello. When Barbantio is informed of this he is furious and runs to confront Othello. When confronted by Barbantio, Othello greets him with Iago by his side. So Iago went out of his way to try and cause trouble for his general for no reason shows that Iago is not as trustworthy as Othello believes him to be. Also through the play Iago is addressed as “Honest Iago”(Othello act 1), but Iago says, “I am not what I am”(Othello act 1). This statement by Iago basically says that he is not who he appears to be. After this problem with Othello marrying Desdemona is solved Iago begins to plot how he is going to bring Othello out of power and take Cassio's lieutenant position. As Iago speaks of his plan it is like he is painting an evil masterpiece for all to fear because Iagos acts out these plans with such precision. For Iago’s plan to succeed he has to pull a lot of things together he starts with convincing Rodrigo that he can win Desdemona over and to chase after her to Cyprus. This shows how Iago is able to manipulate people to get them to do his bidding, which is one characteristic of an artist of villainy. When all the characters arrive in Cyprus Iago begins to spin his next web of lies and traps for...

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