IAG Share price anylize

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Share Price Analysis for International Airlines Group


This report will have five main sections. At first will show the company background, to introduce some details like headquarter, business type, share price, short history and so on for the company. Then will describe the prominent movement for company share price from six weeks. After that it will give the reasons for share price movement. What happened in that times and how to influence the share price. In the end is the conclusion, will summarizes the key sections of this report.

Background of company

The International Consolidated Airline Group (IAG) is one of the biggest airline holding company, headquartered n London. It founded in 2011, consisted of British Airways and Iberia. IAG has 60,089 employees, 415 aircraft and serves around 200 destinations in the world. It part of the FTSE 100 index in London Stock Exchange. The share price of IAG was 413.90P on 10 April, 2014. (London Stock Exchange 2014)The Group’s profit after exceptional items, was £122 million, with earnings of 53 pence(IAG Annual Report 2013). In April 2013, Vueling joined in the IAG. It’s a airline focused on providing a premium service at a low price. In the future, IAG will leadership in main cities and across the Atlantic, Stronger Europe-to-Asia position and growing share of Europe-to-Affric routes.

Description of share price movement

The share price of IAG was overall increased by nearly six weeks from 3 March 2014 to 11 April 2014 and has six periods throw these times. In the first period, the share price was beginning at 422.80P on 3 March, it has jumped by 4% to 439.90P on 4 March. Then it increased 7.3P top out at 447.20P on 6 March, increased slowly than before. After that, share price declined significantly from 447.20P to 433.10P on next four days until 10 March. In the second period, share price increase by 2.5% from 433.10P to 444.00P on 11 March. And the share price remains stable on next date. But between 12 March and 14 March, plummet 23.5P from 444.8P to 421.3P. It is come down dramatically because this situation continued two days. In the third periods, the share price rise 8.6P to 429.90 on 17 March then went up slow down to 434.00P on 18 March. And nearby it, the share price slips 1.5P on 19 March. After that time the share price shrink from 432.5P to 420.6P on 21 March. On 24 March, the share price reaches a low point at 410.9P. In the fourth period, the share price at first take off 11.7P on 26 March then drop to 413.0P on 27 March. In the fifth period, the share price improves gradually from 413.0 to 436.5 between 28 March and 2 April. Flowing that dates the share price stay at the same level and then has an upsurge to 442.9P on 4 April. In the last period of the graphic, the share price has a considerably decline. At first stage, it slumped more than 6% from 442.9P to 416.0P on 8 April. After that, it has slow rise on 9 April. At second stage, share price shrink from 420.6 to 292.1 on11 April. It is on the bottom of the share price graph.

FTSE 100 index share price have some similar change about the chart. The share price of FTSE also has improved on the top between 3 March and 4 March. Then the share price shrunk dramatically from 6824P to 6528P, it decreased for ten days. After 12 March, the share price go up and return to 6605P. But between 18 March and 24 March, share price has continued to decline. It is bottom out 6520P. FTSE 100 index taken off to 6605 and then remain constant on 6598P until 31 March. At that time, it fluctuation within a narrow range to 6696P on 4 April. In the end of the graph, the share price of come down slowly from 6696P to 6562P.

Reasons for share price movement

There are many factors to influence company’s share price up and down. First one is political force like the war, regime and the police of government. Secondly is economic forces like economic Growth and slowdown, price of commodities,rate of...

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