I Am Sean Bell: Documentary Analysis
Topics: Police, Police brutality, Police officer, Crime, Race, Constable / Pages: 4 (894 words) / Published: Aug 2nd, 2015

Brittany Wade
Professor Jennifer Lee
English 097
28 July 2015

In a video called “I Am Sean Bell”, directed by Stacey Muhammad, one of the men interviewed says “It’s unfortunate that it has to happen over and over again for people to actually feel something about it”. This video features young men featured in this documentary talk about how they feel about the incidents of the police shooting young men and what should be done to change the prejudice and stereotypes that surround young African American teens. The teens in the video feel like the police continually get away with taking the lives of young black men and there is no justice. This is a serious problem because these young men are being traumatized by the brutality of police officers
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Victims of police brutality may suffer from psychological effects and disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an sickness that can lead to depression, panic attacks, substance abuse or suicidal thoughts. While suffering from police brutality does not guarantee that someone will suffer from PTSD, people who are victims of police brutality are more prone to. Psychological stress often consumes many of victims’ lives, negatively affecting job performance, ability to hold down a job, and everyday interactions with family and friends. Furthermore, the families of fatally injured victims often suffer many of the same psychological tolls. Police brutality must be recognized, investigated, and acted upon as a serious health issue because of its obvious detrimental effects on individuals, their families and …show more content…
The solution to problem of police brutality must begin with an reevaluation of the police department as a whole. Law enforcement must make an effort to assure citizens that they trying to protect the community and show that they are not looking to intimidate people. Police departments should revise and reexamine their training exercises in order to provide a solution to excessive force. New training methods should be provided on setting and situations that usually lead to police brutality. Police officers should be trained on how to correctly use pepper spray, how to handle routine traffic stops , and how to handle mentally ill citizens. Although there has been some progress in training and the have introduced new technology such as body cameras there are still incidents of racial profiling and police brutality. With continued training and education within the police department, there will be less brutalities and

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