Hypothetico-Deduction Method

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Science Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: September 21, 2008
There are 8 hallmarks of scientific research, namely; purposiveness, rigor, testability, replicability, precision and confidence, objectivity, generalizability and parsimony. For a scientific research to be considered significant there must be an essential reason why it must be done. This reason may vary depending on the subject of the research but it all boils down to having a focused goal to be accomplished in the end. Researchers may encounter extreme hardship during the process but in order to avoid this they must be cautious and accurate in identify theories and methodologies. Also, scientific research is a rigorous process where it compels researchers to carry out a clear and complete investigation by following precise steps or instructions that would aid them in accomplishing their purpose. Once the needed data or theories are determined and collected a hypothesis is proposed. Scientific research makes it possible for a hypothesis to be tested, analyzed, examined and be proven correct or incorrect. In this way researchers can assess the data and theories consistency and reliability. Conclusions in a research may be verified more than once. Other types of test may be conducted and if the results were based on factual data and well researched theories then the end result will remain the same; however, more credible this time around. Scientific research makes it possible for a hypothesis to be supported by different types of test or investigations. A research may be more scientific and useful when the data gathered and conclusions made are precise which then makes the researcher more confident about it. Accuracy is important in research because it illustrates the close-to-perfect or how exact the findings are based on samples. The closer it is to perfection means would give the researcher and the readers the assurance that the scientific research is factual and correct. Research is done in order to find solutions to a problem. To make a research scientific...

Bibliography: Cooper, D. and P. Schindler. (2008). Business Research Methods, 10th edition. McGraw-Hill
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