Hypothetically Proposing a Bill to Congress

Topics: Outsourcing, United States, Child Labor Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: December 11, 2013

A Bill To Mandate Manufactured Domestic Goods
American Engineering Association
Writer and Representative-of United States Federal Congress

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Abstract: Mortgages failing, the current unemployment rate of 8.2%, giant corporations outsourcing almost 56% of their companies products since 1999, the War on Terror, and inflation are just a few of the many problems facing the people of the United States. The Democrats and Republicans nearly shut down Washington D.C. because the parties could not agree upon a budget that could get the nation out of debt. Although there has been a slight turn around for the nation's economy, it could be short-term and will not create a permanent solution for the nation's ever-growing debt crisis. By being 15 trillion dollars in debt and the number increasing by the second, for the first time in our nation's history our children's future will be worse off than our own. In our form of government there are elected people who vote on issues versus one person making all the decisions. Not only is there a multitude of people,however, there are two separate parties in our political system. Therefore, right from the beginning our government would naturally have a hard time agreeing upon issues. The second issue is determining how to raise money for the government and then determining how it will be dispersed. Between cutting or raising taxes or cutting money from the budget;most officials believes more money should be budgeted for other things and some things should be cut more than others. The main issue is agreeing upon how the money should be spent in a budget where over half the budget is deficit spending and the long-term goal is trying to get the country out of debt at the same time. One of the main subjects that is considered mandatory spending is the interest on the debt that is...
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