Hypothesis Testing Paper

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Hypothesis Testing Paper
Team A
July 7, 2014
Instructor: Regina Pendergrass

Inside statistics, it has to be understood what hypothesis testing is to find and verify research to be studied. Hypothesis testing is a form of research that is used to show how a certain issue will end or how the researcher(s) think the issue will end in the environment that it is situated. The testing will show that even though an answer may form, it does not prove the answer is correct secondary to the fact that there can me many factors that could change the outcome; this is where researchers can use probability rates of five or one percent. In understanding hypothesis testing, it must be known what the difference between null and research hypothesis means. A null hypothesis attempts to show that there is no variation between variables or that a single variable is actually no different from zero. A null hypothesis is what the researcher attempts to disprove, reject, or nullify. The research hypothesis is the specific testable predictions made about the independent and dependent variables inside the study. With the research hypothesis, it matches what the researcher(s) is attempting to prove true inside the problem or issue. Hypothesis testing inside statistics pushes the traditional acceptances of trying to prove a correct hypothesis. With hypothesis testing, it is a matter of accepting what has already been presented and the testing verifies what is to true. With this presentation, we are seeking to find a commonality in why individuals join the United States Navy. The issue that we have brought to the testing table is, "to find out if the number one reason active duty Navy personnel join the Navy is financial stability." In forming this issue to build a hypothesis on, we will focus on numerical values to present data to quench the answer of the issue.

Research Issue
Team A has decided to look at the issue of why Navy personnel have joined the Navy. Our hunch is that the number one reason is for financial stability. We sought to answer this question by asking a group of active duty Navy personnel to offer the number one reasons they have joined the Navy. There is the belief that for many the number one reason to join the Navy for reasons other than financial stability. Our research hypothesis seeks uncover the probability that the number one reason for joining the Navy is for financial reasons rather than not for financial reasons. The sample consisted of sixteen enlisted sailors and seven naval officers totaling a number of twenty-three active duty members. There were eleven females and ten males with ages ranging from nineteen to fifty seven years old. The gender break down for the sample group was eleven females and ten males. Verbal and Numerical Hypothesis Statement

The verbal research hypothesis is the number one reason active duty personnel join the Navy is for financial stability. The null hypothesis, the null difference, is that the number one reason for people joining the Navy is not for financial stability. Another way of phrasing the research hypothesis is that it is highly unlikely that the number one reason active duty personnel join the Navy is not financial stability. The numerical hypothesis statement is that there are two populations to consider, that is, the first population is active duty Navy personnel who joined for financial stability and the second population is active duty Navy personnel who joined not for financial stability. Eight out of the twenty-three active duty personnel stated that the number one reason they joined the Navy was for financial stability, three stated it was to serve their country, three stated it was for family heritage reasons, three stated it was to minister to others, two stated it was to get away from their current situation, travel, community, search and rescue, freedom all got one vote for the number one reason. The...
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