Hypothesis Testing

Topics: Type I and type II errors, Null hypothesis, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: September 1, 2010
Hypothesis Testing
The sole purpose of hypothesis testing is to determine whether or not research that has been collected is proved or disproved; usually allowing up to a 5% error factor. By using this 5% margin of error a researcher can consider the question of research being conducted is proven. There are five steps to be followed in doing hypotheses testing. The steps are: developing the research question, specifying between null and alternative hypotheses, calculating the statistic, computing probability, and stating the conclusions. For our hypotheses testing the issue of post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) is the focus. These five steps can be used to determine related illnesses and disorders that can develop along with PTSD. Issues Developed through PTSD

There are many side effects, issues, and disorders that can develop due to post traumatic stress syndrome. Some of these can include: eating disorders, alcoholism, depression, anxiety/panic disorders, acute stress disorder. Each of these disorders can develop in different individual’s who suffer from PTSD. It is not specific as to why they develop in certain individuals but psychologists and psychiatrists are working on research of this area. In doing this they are using the five steps of hypotheses testing.

Using the Five Steps of Hypotheses Testing
Utilizing the first step the process is to come up with the question of how PTSD is linked to other mental and personality disorders. As well as why certain individuals are prone to developing these different disorders. We can use different test groups to analyze and gather data to begin the second step of hypotheses testing.

Next determining the null and alternative hypotheses is done by computing the population of test subjects that are affected by PTSD and develop other disorders (null hypotheses) and those who are not (alternative hypotheses).

After the determination between the null and alternative hypotheses is completed it is time to...
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