Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Assignment Module 4

Topics: Confidence, Self-esteem, Feeling Pages: 3 (1713 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills Assignment Module 4

I would start by evaluating why Mr X has come to me for hypnotherapy, what he hoped to achieve and what is his reason for seeking therapy. Has he made the appointment for himself? I would ask lots of questions about his relationship with his mother; ascertain if this is where his negative self- beliefs have come from and what their relationship dynamics are. There is no mention of Mr X’s father, has his death or leaving his mother been blamed on him or is he feeling he was to blame? I would want to refer him for counselling if it turned out that there were deep rooted issues of emotional abuse from his mother, or any other abuse that had resulted in his feelings of low self- worth. This may not be disclosed in an initial consultation, but if it were I would want to resolve these issues before moving forward with hypnotherapy, as some issues would be resolved by counselling and may alleviate the need for hypnotherapy, or as many sessions. It is also my place as an ethical therapist to give the client the best possible care, and advice. I would want to check if there were any hidden agendas, or secondary gains that would make treatment more difficult, and hypnosis probably unsuccessful. A hidden agenda will be their reason for maintaining a particular pattern or behaviour, the secondary gain is a benefit that they may gain from maintaining that particular behaviour. The problem is that most clients will not even be aware of their hidden agenda or secondary gain, when we help them realise them it will help us to treat them more effectively, and make them more self-aware. If their secondary gain is stronger than their desire to change though, therapy will not be very successful, or change will be very short lived. An example is someone wishing to give up smoking to save money, they may also smoke to keep their weight down, and their fear of being overweight far outweighs their desire to stop...
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