Topics: Hypnosis, Anesthesia, Hypnotherapy Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: August 23, 2013
What is hypnosis? It is actually a social interaction in which one person suggests to another that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will spontaneously occur. Many people have questions such as: “Who can experience hypnosis?” “Can it enhance recall of forgotten events?” “Can it force people to act against their will?” “Can it help people heal or receive their pain?” Is it harmful or helpful, and etc. What do you think? Who can experience hypnosis?

To an extent we are all open to suggestion. If one was standing upright, with eyes closed, and is told that they are shaking your right hand, most will start to shake your right hand. People who respond to suggestions without hypnosis are the same people who respond with hypnosis. Hypnotic ability is the ability to focus attention totally on a task, to become imaginatively absorbed in it, to entertain fanciful possibilities. Can it enhance recall of forgotten events?

Most people believe that our experiences are in our brain and we can recall them by breaking through defenses. Sixty years of research proves that this theory is wrong. We do not “soak in” everything around us. We permanently store only some of our experiences. “Hypnotically refreshed” memories combine fact with fiction. Since 1980, UFO abductions have been reported by thousands of people who are predisposed to believe in aliens, are highly hypnotizable, and have undergone hypnosis. Can hypnosis force people to act against their will?

Researchers have enticed hypnotized people to perform dangerous acts such as; putting ones hand into acid, then throwing the acid in a researchers face. The hypnotized being later denied their actions, and stated that they would never follow such orders. Martin Orne and Frederich Evans Hypnosis unleashed that they used a control group. Orne asked individuals to pretend they were hypnotized. The laboratory assistants were unaware, so they treated both groups the same. The result of the...
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