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Hypertension can be diagnosed in variety of ways and because it’s a common illness that most Americans suffer from, it is very common to have patients come in everyday and be evaluated for it. The most common way to be diagnosed with hypertension is checking the patient’s blood pressure. Patients can get their blood pressure checked anywhere from a local pharmacy to their primary care office. They can even check their blood pressure at home if they have a kit. Once a patient has been diagnosed with hypertension, they should be evaluated by their primary care physician. Normally a physician will use a stethoscope to listen to their heart for any abnormalities in the heart beat. They’ll also listen to their arteries for a swishing sound that may indicate that the artery may be partially blocked. (WebMD. 2014.)

A physician determines hypertension by the two numbers from a blood pressure reading. The upper number measures the pressure in the patient’s arteries when their heart beats. It is called the Systolic Pressure. The lower number measures the pressure in the patient’s arteries between beats. It is called the Diastolic Pressure. For a normal blood pressure it should be below 120/80mm Hg. Physicians recommend 115/75 because anything above that runs the risk of increasing cardiovascular disease. Both numbers are very important in blood pressure reading, but after 60, the systolic reading is even more significant. (Mayo Clinic. 2014.)

If a patient is diagnosed with hypertension, then their physician would normally order some diagnostic testing to further evaluate the condition. Electrocardiogram and Echocardiogram are some of the diagnostic testing physicians order. Electrocardiogram aka EKG measures the electrical activity rate through electrodes attached to the patient’s arms, legs and chest. The results are recorded on graph paper. Echocardiogram is an ultrasound that provides pictures of the heart’s valves and chambers. It’s a way for the pumping action of the heart to be studied and measured.

Alternative medicine is becoming more popular these days again since most of our illnesses are caused by lifestyle choices. With the convenience of modern medicine, most patients aren’t willing to go through the process of alternative medicine. Most people want a quick fix, like a pill. Hypertension medication is one of the most prescribed medications on the market along with cholesterol and diabetes prescriptions. There are alternative ways to help decrease the symptoms and cure hypertension. It starts off by altering some lifestyle choices. It is proven that people of all age groups who are physically active have a decreased risk of developing high blood pressure. (WebMD. 2014.)

Another beneficial alternative medicine for high blood pressure are some ancient relaxation methods like Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi. According to WebMD, patients with mild hypertension who incorporated these healing techniques in their daily lives for a few months experienced significant decreases in their blood pressure. They also had lower levels of stress hormones and were less anxious.

Slow breathing can also help lower high blood pressure. Slow breathing for 15minutes a day for 8 weeks brought reduction in blood pressure. These studies haven’t been studied in a large design study therefore these ancient healing techniques may not be as effective a pharmaceutical approach. There are also herbs than can help eliminate hypertension, but it is important to check with a physician before taking any herbs to make sure it doesn’t interact with anything else a patient is taking. Some herbs that are mixed with other herbs or medication can make hypertension worse. The best way to eliminate hypertension is live an active lifestyle with proper nutrition that is filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The prognosis of Hypertension depends on how long a...

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