Hymn to the Aton

Topics: Sun, Akhenaten, Psalms Pages: 3 (1144 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Aaryn Jackson
Eng 205-17
C. Leigh McInnis
Aug 28th, 2012
Analyzing the Similarities between “Hymn to the Aton” and “Psalm 104”
The thought that two different works of art written by authors of different countries, different backgrounds, living eight hundred years apart and centering on religion—more [specifically] their portrayal of God and how he is like the sun—[being similar] would [be] deem[ed] [as] impossible [or not likely by many]. [However,] the poems [“]Hymn to the Aton[” by Akhenaton] and [“]Psalm 104[” by David are examples of] this very occurrence. [Some scholars assert] that either the latter was copied from the former or that these two works are the result of a cultural split, [due to the] vast difference of [similar] elements [and subject matter that the poems share.] the poems were fostered within, their similarities in content, and that the poems could not have been creative coincidence. The benefits in understanding that these works have some connection, whether by plagiarism or cultural dissect, provides scholars with more knowledge about the world we live in, helps to decipher some of the myths and mysteries of other cultures with similarities and shows the public all cultures may not be as different from each other as we think, helps to show that propaganda has been used since the earliest of times, and that if societies do not document their findings or creations people will eventually circle back and rediscover them. Collectively, if applied to the modern world, these benefits will advances in many fields of academia and help society at large to become more critical thinkers and problem solvers. [Based on your body paragraphs, I have simplified your thesis map to the following:] [The three clearest similarities of the two poems include their similar discussion of the power of the sun or the notion of the sun as a symbol for the power of God, the similarities of the daily activities of the two cultures and their link to their God,...
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