Hygiene and Cleanliness

Topics: Hygiene, Health, Cleanliness Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: April 2, 2013
“Cleanliness is next to godliness” Gandhiji
Cleanliness implies being clean and free from dirt, and maintaining the same. Cleanliness is thus related to hygiene and disease prevention both for the body and for the society. Cleanliness starts from each of us. It can be personal cleanliness, Cleanliness while Eating & Food Hygiene, cleanliness of our Room, Home, School, Street or our City. Cleanliness is also very important for good health. A large number of germs keep sticking to our bodies and clothes. It we do not wash them regularly, we can acquire several diseases Hygiene means practices followed regularly at home and in everyday life to remain healthy and avoid diseases. Many diseases are caused if clothes are not washed daily. We should have a bath daily and also brush our teeth and comb our hair regularly. Similarly, we should cut our nails frequently as many germs enter our body through our fingers and toes. We should also protect our feet from dust and put on socks and shoes when we go out. It is very important that the utensils, in which we take our meals, are kept clean. The drinking water should be clean and preferably filtered. We should also keep our houses and environment clean We should also ensure cleanliness in streets, parks and on the roads. We should throw garbage only in the dustbin and not spread it in streets. Sanitation involves proper disposal and treatment of waste such as sewerage and drainage which is very important for healthy living of all human beings. Industries generate various types of wastes everyday. It is mandatory to have waste management systems to avoid pollution. This way the air, water and our environment can be kept clean
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