Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

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The hydropolis underwater hotel and resort is a proposed underwater hotel in Dubai . The hotel's original plan was to be located 20 meters under water off the coast of Jumeriah Beach. The hotes plan is to cover an area of 260 hectares which is equivalent in area to Hyde Park in London . The construction cost of Hydropolis is approximately $550 million US dollars , which will make Hydropolis one of the most expensive hotels ever created . The hotel design was created by Joachim Hauset and Proffessor Roland Dieterlev, and is planned to be composed of three segments : a land station , a connecting train and the underwater hotel. Land Station

The design of the land station is a wave-shaped 30,000 square meter building.The purpose of the land station is to provide a place for guests to board the soundless train to descend into the hotel. Secondary purposes for the land station include greeting guests, and use of the land station's facilities.The land station is planned to feature many facilities including a marine research laboratory, a plastic surgery clinic, conference facilities, a restaurant, and a theater. The theater will feature films about the evolution of life and about the history of underwater architecture.

Noiseless Train
Power and Tunnel
The noiseless train will be located in a 515 meter long transparent, double-track tunnel, made of plexiglass reinforced with concrete and steel.This train will be powered by an automated cable propulsion system.[5] This automated cable propulsion system consists of a stationary motor and cables with the train cars fixed to the cables. The stationary motor for the train system will be located in the land station, and will be connected to cables running down the length of the tunnel. The cars, fixed to these cables, will be moved up and down the tunnel solely from the power of the land motor. This system is advantageous because separating the motor from the train cars will decrease noise in the tunnel. This...
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