Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Are the Future

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Oxygen, Automobile Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: September 8, 2008
Can you imagine by 2012 paying $8 a litre or more for your fuel? Can you imagine when oil runs out what will the world run on? Can you imagine running your car on the most abundant thing in the universe? Hydrogen is the answer! Now with a little bit more refining it will be. Good morning fellow students today I will be talking about hydrogen powered vehicles. Firstly, some terms need definition.Hydrogen- a colourless, odourless, flammable gas which is the lightest and simplest of all known elements.Vehicle- A device or structure for transporting persons or things. Secondly, now to explain the ways to use hydrogen as a fuel. The first way is called electrolysis. It is where an electrical current is sent into the water in the fuel tank where the hydrogen and oxygen atoms split from each other and then rejoining creating a stronger electric current to drive the vehicle. The only by-product of this is harmless water vapour. The second way is burning the hydrogen in a very similar way to the way you burn petrol. That’s why the hydrogen burning vehicles will also run on petrol with no modifying. We know that it will burn well enough because the sun is made up of 75% hydrogen. The only by-products from burning hydrogen are heat and water vapour. Thirdly, hydrogen powered cars will not cost very much. At the moment the price of one is about $50 000 and up to over a few hundred thousand. Once they become the main stream of transport the price will drop dramatically and become the price of about an ordinary unleaded vehicle. Another positive about the hydrogen vehicles is the price of fuel, I mean paying over $8 for normal unleaded fuel. Hydrogen will cost hopefully when it becomes the main source of fuel about 30c a litre and has about 2 to 3 times better fuel efficiency than normal unleaded. Also, people are worried about the environment and how we are causing global warming with our carbon emissions. Fossil fuelled vehicles on the road contribute about 1.5...
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