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Topics: Death Penalty, Human rights, International Committee of the Red Cross Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Year 8 geography- global organization.
Part A
Organization 1 amnesty international
a) what is Amnesty international
Amnesty international is a democratic organization which is not funded by the government or other political party that complains to the government or other organizations for abusing human rights or falling to protect people. Plus amnesty international defends human rights for people whenever there are violated. b) what does amnesty international do

The things that amnesty international does are that they criticize the government or political parties for making stupid decisions or being unfair to the community. However the still criticize the government or political parties or different organizations if they are abusing human rights or failing to protect people in the country.

Amnesty also gets information about rights and about the human rights and the government and other who violate them. Amnesty also monitors or observes thousands of media outlets and gains information about government bulletins, legal documents, and medical reports and collect reliable resources from all other the world. They also send representatives to observe political trials and monitor the treatments of people in jail like how they a treated. c) List the ways it carries out its work

Amnesty defends people’s rights, monitors how the government doing, monitors how people in different nations are being treated , support people and their families, gather data from the media, collects information such as medical reports , health reports, government bulletins and legal documents. d) How is it financed

Amnesty international is not financed or supported by the government or political parties or form different organizations in the sociality. The way amnesty is financed it’s that it gains the support from people in the local community but the majority of the cash is from the public who would like to contribute to their work generously.

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