Hybrid vs. Gasoline

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Hybrid vehicle, Electric vehicle Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: June 12, 2006
Hybrid vs. Gasoline
In today's fast paced modern world it would seem the only economical decision is to choose a hybrid. Gasoline is becoming twice as expensive, while electric power remains the same. Although standard gasoline vehicles do not get as many Miles Per Gallon (MPG) as a hybrid does, there are ways increase miles per gallon. Using electrical resources may simply be the best solution to our gas problem. Hybrid vehicle's have made much progress from were they started. No longer do they need to be plugged in every night to charge their batteries. Hybrid vehicles have Intergraded Motor Assist Systems that pair electric motors with the gasoline engine. While gasoline vehicles are still more convenient to repair, hybrid vehicles are becoming just as reliable. Hybrid vehicles are still more expensive to purchase but the long term investment will pay for itself. Both gas and electrical powered vehicles have benefits and troubles. The choice comes down to personal preference. Hybrid cars can get anywhere between 45 to 60 MPG, whereas gas powered cars get on average 28 MPG. Hybrid vehicles have special options that allow for better fuel efficiency. One of those options is an idle stop. This option allows the gasoline engine to turn off when the vehicle stops yet still charge the battery packs. Meanwhile gas powered vehicles run the entire trip using only gasoline. The advantage to the gas powered vehicle is horsepower. The disadvantage is the heavier weight of a gasoline vehicle. Gasoline vehicles out power hybrids three to one, but will not get premium gas mileage because they are much heavier vehicles. However hybrids are extremely lightweight. Hybrid vehicles go so far as to have ultralite rims that act to decrease the weigh of the vehicle to achieve better gas mileage. One could achieve better gas mileage in a gas powered vehicles by choosing a four-cylinder engine, rather than V6s or V8s. In the area of MPG a hybrid...
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